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Discover the meaning, and unique positive qualities of each colour. The following short explanation, will help you discover the positive qualities each colour can help you develop, balance, or empower.


Passion, Stability, Patience, Courage, Power, Security

Red is a very powerful colour, associated with health vitality, leadership qualities, and ambition. Characterizes humans with courage, and awareness, to follow their unique path in life, with power, determination, and patience. Offers stability, security and the ability to take new steps in life.

Red is a colour vibration which fortifies the body, and help in the production of adrenaline and the building up of red blood cells.


Joy, Creativity, Security, Self-worth, Sociable, Self-esteem

Orange helps in, building our self-esteem, releasing negative emotions, feeling wonderful with our body, and movement. A Colour which brings joy in life, a wonderful antidepressant, which lifts the spirit. Characterizes people that are sociable.

Connected to the reproductive system, it has releasing action on the body fluids, and strengthens the immune system.


Focus, Personal Power, Clear & Positive Thinking, Bright, Happy

Yellow is associated with the intellectual side of the mind, decision making, planning, clearly setting goals, and the ability to manifest goals. Building self-confidence and regaining Personal Power. A positive bright colour which enables positive, clear thinking, happiness and laughter.

Yellow stimulates the brain, strengthens the nervous system, activates the lymph system, and cleanses the digestive tract. It has sympathetic resonance with pancreas, the liver and the gall bladder.


Harmony, Love, Cooperation, Freedom, Balance, Compassion

Green is the colour of nature, enables to overcome emotional traumas, and open your heart to love. Creates the feeling of freshness, balance, harmony and freedom. Balances the emotions, very useful when under stress.

Brings physical equilibrium and relaxation. Helps regulate the circulation. Good for the heart on a physical and emotional level.


Trust, Peace, Relaxation, Communication, Expression, Intuition

Blue enables peaceful communication, and creative expression of each human being. Helps in trusting oneself and enables the expression of the unique nature of each human being. A cool, calming colour, helping in feeling calm, relaxed, protected, and connecting you, to your intuition.

Blue helps to alleviate insomnia, linked to the throat and thyroid gland. Is very soothing, cooling and calming, and has anti-inflammatory action.


Vision, Intuition, Security, Concentration, Relaxation, Realization

A powerful mysterious colour vibration, which stimulates intuition, imagination, and inner vision. Helps to realize, and trust your unique visions, and discover your true self. Allows the connection to your intuition, and relaxes the mind.

Indigo has been found to have narcotic qualities, has wonderful pain-healing properties, and is linked to the pineal gland.


Spirituality, Inspiration, Transformation, Protection

Violet is a colour of transformation at a very deep level. Violet characterizes humans with inspiration, sensitivities, and high ideals. Stimulates creativity and is connected with artistic and musical impulses. Is Associated with psychic protection.

Violet affects the brain and nervous system. It has purifying and antiseptic effect. It cools the system. Linked with the pituitary gland, and balance’s body’s metabolism.


Softness, Love, Protection, Tranquility, Warmth

Pink balances the emotions, helping you feel protected and loved. Is creating a warm caring feeling, and this makes pink appropriate to use in children bedrooms. Characterizes very sensitive human beings.

Pink is more gentle in its stimulation than red, and helps muscles to relax. Very helpful if there is aggressiveness.


Purity, Protection, Creating Space, Peace

White is the colour of ultimate purity, a colour of protection, brings peace and comfort. Aiding you to create space, when you need to take the time, to reflect on your life, helping you to make the necessary changes, helping to leave in the past, and clear whatever in not needed, and make a fresh new beginning.

What could the meaning, of your preference in one or more colours, for this period of your life, be?

Is there a reason for your preference, of a particular colour, for longer periods in your life?

Could disliking a particular colour, have a specific meaning?

Find out more about yourself, through a Colour Analysis Test, during a Personal Session of Colour Therapy.

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