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Children have their own special series of workshops, “The Brilliant Existence of a Child”, for children between 5, and 11 years old.

Through the workshops of this series, we support children, in creating the ideal circumstance, in building a complete and strong personality, always based on the unique nature, charismas, and talents, of a child.


We help children to:

  • Release Fears and stress
  • Be able to release and handle negative emotions and anger
  • Identify and utilize their own power
  • Respect and accept their unique nature, and the unique nature of people around them
  • Develop and trust their creativity and innovative ideas
  • Have the ability to make the best choices for themselves, based on their unique nature and personality
  • Have healthy relationships (parents, friends, siblings etc.)
  • Have the ability to express themselves, easily , effortlessly, with confidence, able to communicate effectively
  • Be happy, and learn how to create and keep positive feelings and habits in their life
  • Utilize positively the power of their mind

Creating a strong foundation, in order to enable children develop their abilities, from a young age, as this will positively affect, the successful evolvement, and happiness in their life. This is possible, through the effectiveness of “The brilliant existence of a child” workshop series.

The workshops of the series, have also being utilized from Public, and Private Primary Schools in Cyprus, from Special Afternoon Programs,  which have being created by a number of municipalities to enable children in Cyprus, use their time creatively.


Information for the new upcoming workshops of the series, you can find by visiting the section New Workshops, or contact us Contact

You also have the option of organizing one, or a number of workshops, from the series “The brilliant existence of a child”, for a specific group of children, focusing on the needs of the group.

Let us help the children of the world, shine their unique brilliant light….creating a beautiful world!

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