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  • Colour Therapy & Interior Design

We have a deep understanding of the importance to be surrounded by positive, and balanced energies, and beautiful spaces. For that we combine our knowledge, and experience, to help you create, the ideal environment for you, at your home, at your office, and your business, in a very unique, harmonic, and balanced way. Our approach is always based on how each Human Being, You, can live in harmony.

We take in consideration your unique character, and the elements which need to be empowered, through the appropriate colours, and natural materials. We know that colour has many symbolic values, which can be utilized in interior design. We work together so your space will reflect your unique energy, and potentials. We Create your space in such a way to help you feel safe, experience stability, be able to create, and evolve.

You can be surrounded by an environment that will inspire you, giving out the right messages for your own unique work, help you enhance your creativity, be more productive, and full of energy.

More information for the way we work will be soon available through this section. You can always contact us at Contact.

Ms Kika Ioannou Kazamia, holds a BA degree in Interior Design and an MA degree in Education.
She has been involved with numerous interior design projects since 1988. In 1989 was employed as a lecturer on the Interior Design Program at the Intercollege Larnaca until 1996.Since 1996 she has been a lecturer at the Intercollege Nicosia, teaching in the Design Department. Currently she is teaching at the University of Nicosia Architecture Department and she is pursuing a PhD in Architecture. Her area of concentration and research interests as interior designer and educator is the implementation of environmental issues in interior design and the importance of environmental education. Her work has been presented in various conferences and exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.

Ms Elena Hadjigeorgiou

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