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Specialized workshops, unique on an international level, have being created by Elena Hadjigeorgiou, for Teachers, Psychologists, and all the professionals which work directly with children.

The effectiveness of Colour Therapy, the immediate positive impact, and the simplicity of the method, the change which can be experienced, on a very deep level, make the simple techniques, which are part of the training, the ideal tool to support, the work of the participants, with children. The techniques utilized at the workshops, is the result of many years of experience of Elena Hadjigeorgiou, working with groups of children and adults. Through her knowledge and experience she could identify exactly the kind of techniques, and exercises, which can be really useful for the participants.

These trainings are designed to support the evolvement of children, and teenagers, and the personal evolvement of the Participants (teachers, psychologists), and this is considered to be a significant factor, of the effectiveness, and level of every professional.

Some of the main subjects included in the workshop are:

  • What is Colour
  • The meaning of each colour
  • The way colour has a profound impact in your life
  • Techniques, exercises, and games to be used with children and teenagers, easily implemented in a classroom environment.
  • How you can understand and support children more effectively.
  • The way to make your own work more special, enjoyable, creative.
  • Which is your own unique, special role as a teacher, or psychologist

Reaching the following goals:

  • Teach students to handle effectively their negative emotions, fears, stress, release the negative emotions, and be able to create positive feelings and mood.
  • Enable them to be even more creative
  • Help children to acknowledge, and utilize their unique talents and potentials
  • Be happier
  • Feel comfortable, and beautiful with themselves
  • Be able to express themselves and communicate more easily and effectively
  • Boost their self-esteem, and be able to trust themselves
  • Feel their-own power, and their ability to succeed.

Through the workshops, teachers and psychologists are able to achieve all the above goals for themselves, and be able to use the techniques to support themselves in their every day. They also learn to adjust the techniques, and the knowledge and their experience according to the goals they set while working with children and teenagers.

“Colour in the Evolvement of Children” is the workshop for professionals working with children up to 11 years old, adjusted especially for the needs of this age group.

“Colour in the Evolvement of Teenagers” is the workshop for professionals working with teenagers, taking into consideration the special challenges of this age.

The duration, of the basic training is 2 days, and the requirement to receive the certificate, is the presentation of one case study where the techniques, and knowledge acquired during the workshop is successfully, and correctly implemented. This presentation is due 3 weeks after the completion of the training, during a meeting of the team. Meetings of the teams which have completed the basic training are held 4 times during the year, where participants have the opportunity to share information, and useful experiences, answer questions, helping in this way to have better results in their work.

These seminars have being funded by the Human Resource Authority in Cyprus, and the Cyprus Ministry of Education

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The basic training is supported by workshops, teaching advance techniques, and their implementation.

For those who would like to evolve even more, the workshops for Personal Evolvement are recommended.

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You can be informed for the schedule of these workshops by contacting us, or visiting the section News.

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