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We have created a series of specially designed workshops for teenagers, under the general title “The Brilliant Existence of a Teenager”

The workshops of the series “The Brilliant Existence of a Teenager” equip young people, with tools, to enable them learn themselves, discover their capabilities, and utilize them. Be able to built, their self-confidence, and self-esteem, able to make the right choices, according to their own unique existence. Right choices for themselves, in all aspects of their life, being able to identify, and avoid anything negative.


Teenagers learn to handle their negative emotions, and especially anger, and this enables them, amongst other things, to have better communication and relationships. They learn how they can create balanced relationships, which will bring joy in their life. To utilize creatively all their unique talents, and be strong and empowered, to support their unique choices.

They create positive habits, and learn how to keep themselves full of energy and healthy. Being capable of learning from their experiences, and move forward in their life. It is important that they learn how to trust their own dreams and visions, clearly set goals, and manifest them, utilizing the power of their mind, enjoying success in all aspects of their life.

Through these workshops, teenagers are equipped with life skills, having in their hands, tools that are precious for their everyday life, and for their whole life.

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The workshops of the series “The Brilliant Existence of a Teenager”, have being organized for groups of teenagers, from Cyprus Youth Board around the island, and also from Schools which have realized the importance of young people being able to acquire life skills.

Workshops can also be organized for any group of teenagers, from teenagers themselves, and from parents associations, community councils, and organized groups, as our goal is to support the positive and successful course of each teenager, helping to create a balanced society.

These workshops are supported by the Personal Sessions for Teenagers, where we have the opportunity to focus in more detail, on specific issues a young person needs to resolve.

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