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Elena Hadjigeorgiou is one very special Healer, Life and Business Coach, she has a deep understanding of Colour Therapy, and excellent skills in Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP. Her wisdom, knowledge, deep understanding of Human Nature, her Healing Power, intuition, sensitivity, her excellent training, and ability to evolve, her passion, and love to help people create a successful, and happy life, have enabled her to create innovative programs, using a unique successful combination of the holistic sciences she is specializing at.

Her programs have helped hundreds of people which had the opportunity to participate, move in a new direction, in their life, creating a fulfilling life, connected to their life purpose, reveal their unique true self, and be truly happy.

Elena believes that the greatest gift, Humans could ever offer to themselves, is, honor their unique existence, support their dreams, and connect to their life purpose.

Elena inspires, and Motivates People through her lectures and seminars. Her innovative ideas, presented through the specialized programs she has created to support teacher, children and parents, have being broadly accepted and implemented. Broadly accepted is also her approach for issues concerning prevention, and therapy of addictive behavior, which she has presented in International Conferences.

Elena has being trained by, the best trainers in their field, Brian Colbert, which is regarded as one of the most prominent and successful mind coaches, in Ireland, NLP Master trainer, author of the book Happiness Habit, co-founder of the Irish Institute of NLP, with Owen Fitzpatrick, one of Europe’s top Motivational Speakers, Personal Development Trainer, Author of a number of books, one of which “Conversations” with Richard Bandler. Has also being trained by Suzy Chiazzari, recognized as a leader in the field of Colour Therapy, and author of seven books.

Has also being trained to use healing systems such as Flower Remedies, crystals and other natural tools, through which she enriches her healing programs, having all the necessary tools and resources in her hands, to help each human being bring balance.

Elena continuous her research, and training, as she wants to give the best possible help, support and guidance, to every human being, through the unique personal sessions, and seminars she has created.

She very often appears in Television Shows, at the Cyprus National T.V. Channel and other Television Stations. Her articles have being published by a number of magazines, and they mainly refer to the way holistic sciences can help humanity.

Amongst Elena’s Hadjigeorgiou most important co-operations, are the co-operation with the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Cyprus Youth Board Organization, and Municipalities of the Island, mainly through her special programs for their Youth.

Elena is living happily in Cyprus with her two wonderful sons.

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