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“Colour and the evolvement of Family”

A series of 6 workshops, specially designed for Parents!

“Colour and the evolvement of Family”, is a series of workshops specially designed to support parents, during this wonderful and yet challenging role. Able to support parents in keeping themselves balanced, and in top form, empowered, having tools to handle their everyday life, and support their children, creating the perfect environment for a happy family.

Parents learn:

  • The importance of colour, what is colour and how this can be utilized in everyday life.
  • The way each participant can utilize effectively their own resources, and the power of their mind.
  • Effective ways of handling and releasing negative emotions and fears.
  • How to Release stress.
  • Ways to create the ideal family environment .
  • Ways to teach their children, to handle their emotions.
  • How to help their children; acquire skills for life, and be able to make the right choices for themselves.
  • How to really get to know themselves, their dreams, and discover how they can manifest those dreams, preserving balance in their family and in every aspect of their life.
  • Time management, and setting priorities.
  • How parents can utilize their true power and potentials.
  • How to clearly set goals, and be able to manifest them.
  • How to find the right balance for themselves.
  • Create more happiness for themselves and their children.

We supply you with useful and important tools, so you can enjoy the precious family you have created.

This series of workshops is also available, to organized groups of parents..

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