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  • Personal Evolvement

Success and real happiness,  is a state that each human being can create, mainly through their choice of continuous evolvement! To achieve this evolvement, and success, it is necessary to work with our-self, and be truthful as to the issues we are facing, each moment. Your evolvement can become an exciting journey, pleasant and effective, through the seminars or Personal Evolvement, Pure Colour is offering, under the general title “Successful Living”.

Our main goal, is to help each human being discover their unique nature, utilize all their potential, free themselves from unnecessary fears, and anything that is stopping them from being the best they can be, being able to tune into their real purpose and support their dreams.

All of our workshops are performed in the most pleasant, and positive atmosphere, mainly choosing seminar areas in nature.

The participants of “Successful Living” seminars, have the opportunity to learn how:

  • To handle and release stress
  • To free themselves from negative emotions and anger
  • To communicate more effectively
  • To acknowledge and support their unique nature
  • To discover and support their life purpose
  • To support their real dreams
  • To set the right goals, and achieve them
  • To find balance in all aspects of their life
  • To find real happiness
  • To be successful - always according to their unique Life!
  • To bring balance in their relationships
  • To acknowledge and utilize all their resources and capabilities
  • To utilize in the most successful way the energy of their mind
  • To learn how to use natural tools, colours, crystals, flower remedies, for better quality of life, and for creating a harmonic healing environment (home & work)
  • To learn how to nurture themselves
  • To keep themselves full of energy and vitality

The above, are some of the main subjects covered, by the “Successful Living” seminars.

Part of the “Successful Living” seminar series, has being offered by the Cyprus Youth Board Organization, which included a selection of 4 basic seminars.

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