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''I have had the pleasure of consulting with Elena Hadjigeorgiou and was very impressed by her deep understanding of colour and its impact on your overall emotional health and well being . During the consultation I witnessed her draw from many disciplines and found her to be competent ,intuitive and accurate in her assessment and diagnosis and have every confidence in her ability to help others in both a sensitive and skilful way ''
Brian Colbert, Co-founder of the Irish Institute of NLP, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP

“Colour Therapy for me is a simple, effective, pleasant way to changing my mood in a positive way, any time I need to during the day. Thank you Elena so much, for teaching me the depth, and effectiveness of something I considered so simple!”
Elena Ioannou – Bank Employee

“Colour Therapy for me is the way to relax, to evolve, to be empowered, to resist, to stop being afraid, to laugh, to be happy, every moment of my life. Without you Elena I wouldn’t really know what to do!!!! Valentini Orphanidou – MSC student, in Human Resource Management

“As everything in nature is in absolute harmony, and balance, in the same way light, has its own power, meaning , and place in our life. You imagine earth without light, and colour!!!!! It wouldn’t be possible to survive, or be healthy as we are part of this perfect rhythm, and balance of nature.

Elena, is shining with her own ‘light’, and ‘colour’, is helping us connect again to our true nature, and find balance, giving us the opportunity to use these tools for achieving inner peace, and harmony. Thank you Elena xxxx”
Eugenia Eftamandilou – Events Manager Louis Tours

“Elena Hadjigeorgiou is a professional, she has helped me, and my family, overcome difficulties, with the methods she is using. I trust her, and I love her, very much. She is the person that will always be by my side when I need her. I am really happy for having Elena in my life!” Christoula Zacharia, Insurance Broker
“Thank you, for being there for me when I need your help. With your optimistic, positive energy, and your skills, you help me overcome my challenges, and you help me see the world, and my life, in a very positive way.”
Christodoulos Zacharia – Insurance Agent

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